This microblogging site allows users to post 140-character messages called “tweets.” Twitter users can subscribe to other users’ tweets, which is known as “following.” When you tweet, your followers instantly see your short text message as if it had been instantly broadcast on closed-circuit TV.

Like Facebook, Twitter is a social media site where simply flogging users to buy something or give you their business is seriously counter-productive. Frequent (and preferably daily) tweets to your followers should seek to inform first and promote second. For example, you might invite followers to click on a link to learn more about the off-label uses of Botox or your opinion of a new fat-reduction procedure that has been getting lots of press. And while it is okay to send out special offers and promotions, MPS believes you should win the trust and affection of your followers before you ask for their business.

Even though tweets are brief by design, maintaining a Twitter account does require a regular time commitment. MPS can tweet on your behalf to help spread the word about your practice.