You’ve put a lot of thought into your office space. You chose the location carefully and spent countless hours poring over paint chips, debating waiting room seating arrangements, and choosing works of art and furnishings. These were important considerations because you wanted to make sure that you made a good impression on potential patients.

But before your patient walks through your office door or even picks up a phone to book a consultation, he or she is likely to pay you a virtual visit. Your website is typically the very first place someone will turn to learn more about who you are, what you do, and why you should be their doctor of choice. On a well-designed website, your potential patients will view those critical before and after photos, read about your credentials and educational background, and learn more about the procedures that interest them. Perhaps they’ll be able to read about a new surgical technique that you pioneered or read testimonials from former patients. Perhaps they’ll submit questions by email, by personal care products from your e-commerce store, send photos for a virtual consultation, or book an appointment for an in-person consultation without ever having to pick up the phone. Or, if your website was poorly designed, perhaps they’ll click away from it and your expensive new waiting room couch will remain unused.

The only thing worse than a nonexistent website (and yes, there are doctors who still don’t have one) is a poorly designed one. An attractive, content-rich website is too important to your practice to be left to your tech-savvy friend or a random freelancer. At MPS we excel in creating websites that not only promote your practice to interested patients but also help those interested patients find you in the first place.

Our expertise in search engine marketing insures that when someone uses Google or other search engines to find an aesthetic professional, they won’t have to dig through pages of results to find your website. Click here to learn more about how we’re able to drive traffic to your website.