Branding: Good marketing begins with clear vision. Who are you and what sets you apart from the competition? We will help you find your strengths and your practice’s unique identity.

Brochures: When your patients inquire about a specific procedure, what do you hand them? If you are relying on your professional society’s one-size-fits-all pamphlets or a drug company’s marketing tools, you are missing a tremendous opportunity. Let us create customized leave-behinds that remind the patient that not all plastic surgeons are created equal.

Logo: Your logo conveys your image. Are you bold or conservative, exclusive or approachable?  For truly effective marketing, it is imperative that your logo be consistent with your identity. We will design you a logo for use on everything from ads and brochures to letterhead, business cards, and signage.

Print Ads: Magazines and newspapers can be an important part of your advertising strategy. We will identify the right vehicles for your message and make sure you get maximum impact for those precious advertising dollars.

Public Relations: The best kind of advertising is the kind money cannot buy. Editorial coverage in local and national media is fabulous exposure and we have the carefully crafted press releases and contacts with reporters and editors to help you get it.

Email Blasts: Stay in touch with your best customers, the patients who already know and love you. Regular email communications to promote special offers and practice updates encourage repeat business and remind your patients to spread the word.

Newsletters: Educate your patients and potential patients about new techniques, study findings, and the photo-worthy results you have been able to achieve. Regular newsletters build your reputation as an authority and innovator.

Direct Mail: While emails are important, there are times when nothing is as effective a call to action as the printed word. Let MPS deliver results for you.