The first few pages of a Google search result are the Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive of the Internet—they’re coveted real estate and they’re priced accordingly. Google and other search engines sell spots on their first few pages of results to paid advertisers in a marketing strategy called “pay per click” or PPC. It’s a costly way to acquire patients and like many high-priced strategies, it’s typically best left to deep-pocketed players.

But what if you didn’t have to buy your way to that prime address? What if you could design your website in such a way that when someone typed a few keywords into the search engine, your website reliably came up in those first few pages of results? Well, you can—or more accurately, MPS can.

Organic Search Engine Optimization maintains your practice’s position by understanding how search engines work and more importantly, the fundamentals of your aesthetic practice. We know, for example, that using specific keywords will make your website more visible and help the search engine find you more rapidly. And because we know the procedures you offer, we know which keywords an interested patient might type when they go to search for it.

At MPS, we do more than set up your website for success; we monitor monthly ranking reports and tweak your website’s content to make sure our search engine marketing objectives are achieved.