Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

When you type something into an Internet search engine—“designer handbags” or “how to strip paint,” anything, really—you’ll come up with two kinds of results. At the top of the page, in a shaded area, or off to the side, you’ll see links that are clearly bought and paid for. These results, called “Pay Per Click” or “PPC,” aren’t always relevant to your search but they do contain some of the words you typed. And then there are the results you probably look at first, the so-called “organic” ones that the search engine came up with and ranked on the basis of presumed relevance to your query.

At MPS, we prefer to increase your website’s traffic through Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not only is Organic SEO free, but because it better matches search results to the user, it’s also more effective. By tweaking your website’s content and use of certain keywords, we can make your website more visible to the search engine. Your site will be on the first few pages of results (rather than buried on page fourteen of forty) so users will be far more likely to find you and pay you a virtual visit.

Still, there are circumstances and times when Pay Per Click advertising does indeed make sense. If you’re going to use PPC, you had better be certain that it’s going to reach your intended audience, give you maximum bang for your buck, and result in a good return on your investment. Before you spend a penny on PPC, allow MPS to analyze your marketing strategy and determine if you’re likely to get it back.