Public Relations

The best kind of advertising is the kind money can’t buy. Articles in local and national magazines, interviews on TV and radio, or even a column in your local newspaper can burnish your reputation as an authority while providing fabulous exposure. And because it’s editorial, not advertising, your inclusion carries significant weight and the implied endorsement of the publication or media in which it appears.

But how do you get this kind of coverage? First, you’ll need carefully crafted press releases. Editors and producers are bombarded with dozens of press releases every day and most end up in their “circular file.” While no one can guarantee that your business will receive editorial coverage, a succinct, clear, accurate, and catchy press release, addressed to the correct recipient, gives you your best chance.

At MPS, we’ve got writers with real-world editorial experience to give you a leg up on the competition. We’ll make sure your message goes out loud and clear.