Good marketing begins with clear vision. At MPS, we help you find your unique identity. Who are you and what sets you apart from the competition? Are you bold and cutting-edge or classic and conservative? Should you position yourself as an approachable, accessible practitioner or do you want to maintain a more exclusive image? Are you a glamorous persona at home in your community’s social scene or are you a more retiring, scholarly personality?

There are no “right” answers to these questions. The goal isn’t to force you into a cookie-cutter model of success. In fact, we think forcing you to be someone you’re not is a surefire recipe for disaster that’s likely to result in a muddled marketing plan. Instead, let us identify your strengths and play to them.

By establishing your brand early in our efforts, we’ll be able to make sure everything about your practice speaks with one consistent voice. Whether it’s your office location and design, your website, your advertising efforts, or even the font on your letterhead, your potential patients will know instantly who you are and what you represent. And when they’re in your consultation room, you’ll know they’re there because they want to be treated by the doctor they’ve already met and think they know.